The New Approach to Data Governance

Using Microsoft products for unstructured data discovery, classification, protection, retention and monitoring

More unstructured data, more devices, immature security controls more regulation = more risk

Exponential growth in unstructured data volume, expanding unstructured data protection regulations, and the proliferation of on-premises and cloud storage options makes securing the organization’s unstructured data a top five priority of CISO’s.

Microsoft has recently integrated their signature compliance tools into the rest of the M365 ecosystem, and Microsoft Gold Partner Edgile has developed a modern Unstructured Data Governance solution that makes the impossible possible.

Learn about Edgile’s unstructured data governance methodology

Join Edgile information experts for this exclusive 60-minute presentation on how Edgile leverages the Microsoft 365 suite to develop and implement a modern unstructured data governance framework.

We’ll demonstrate how our strategy-first approach employs Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to understand sensitive and business critical unstructured data across the organization.

See how Edgile designs an unstructured data governance strategy using a top down business alignment and a bottom up risk and maturity analysis to define your current state, and examine existing DLP/data classification tooling and Microsoft platform capabilities.

We’ll discuss the latest approach and best practices for unstructured data governance programs, including how to:

  • Adopt a non-intrusive approach
    Keep operational overhead to a minimum
  • Shift the culture
    A bottom up cultural shift in the organization will ensure sustained adoption
  • Think strategically but start small
    Focus on incremental value then deploy technologies in a non-intrusive manner
  • Measure success with quantifiable metrics
    Determine how poor unstructured data management increases risk and impacts revenue