World-class IRM and SecOps Capabilities at Warp Speed with ServiceNow

Find out how ServiceNow and Edgile helped accelerate ATN International’s risk and security automation journey. Attend our webinar, World-class IRM and SecOps capabilities at warp speed with ServiceNow. You’ll hear from Nitin Chopra, Vice President of Information Technology at ATN, and learn about:

  • The Vision – Why ATN chose ServiceNow’s platform and solutions
  • The Journey – How ATN went from ideation to production in just 16 weeks
  • Accelerators – Why content that harmonizes mandates and risks matter in setting the foundation to enable the automation of control monitoring
  • Sustainment – How ServiceNow IRM and Edgile’s complementary Evidence Warehouse solutions set ATN up for success
  • Foundational – How ServiceNow and Clear Skye provided a truly cloud-native identity governance solution
  • Future Editions – How ATN continues to mature their world-class capabilities, with plans and roadmaps

Nitin Chopra, VP of information technology, ATN International
Brandon Sprankle, managing director, Edgile
Jerald Carter, managing director, Edgile
Michael Hartman, integrated risk solutions expert, ServiceNow