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ESG success is a moving target

A company’s sustainability performance and disclosures across ESG—environmental, social, and corporate governance matters—have a direct impact on its cost of capital and its cost of doing business.

As ESG becomes the norm with regulators, investors, boards, employees, and customers, expectations for sustainable conduct remain ambiguous. ESG disclosure standards and frameworks constantly compete and conjoin. And reporting technologies, roles, and processes mutate and evolve. Sustainability success becomes a moving target.

Common ESG Topics

  • Carbon emissions, pollution and resource use
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Product lifecycle and circular economy
  • Workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Employee health and safety
  • Ethical sourcing and protecting human rights in the supply chain
  • Board composition
  • Management governance
  • Enterprise risk management

Edgile ESG Command Center Quick Start

The Edgile ESG Quick Start program is a guided journey leveraging Edgile accelerators and templates to facilitate a client-influenced ServiceNow ESG solution build. Clients get foundational enterprise ESG data collection and reporting capabilities in a matter of weeks.

The Edgile ESG Quick Start for ServiceNow gives leaders a strategy for investing in ESG even when success is a moving target. The key principles are:

  • Act fast
  • Start small
  • Plan ahead

The Edgile 5-Pass ESG Journey makes investing in the ServiceNow ESG Command Center logical and economic. Built on the foundation of data collection and reporting, the journey marries ESG capabilities to risk management, supply chain, strategic projects, and automation.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance brand and corporate reputation
  • Comply with global regulatory requirements
  • Establish strong corporate governance through ethical, transparent and secure business practices

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