Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Workshops Overview

Unlock your Microsoft security and compliance benefits to protect your enterprise

Why you should attend?

Evolving security threats create business disruption

The growth of digital technology, the rapid shift to a remote workforce, and information that is expanding exponentially beyond traditional borders presents unprecedented challenges for enterprise security and compliance professionals.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Microsoft workshop benefits included in your existing enterprise agreement 
  • Why organizations are prioritizing identity in their security programs 
  • How Microsoft compliance workshops and solutions solves unstructured data problems 
  • Options related to the security workshop and Sentinel
  • Workshop case study success stories 

Maximize your Microsoft 365 security investments

Microsoft has added a wide range of security and compliance tools in M365 and is funding cloud adoption workshops to help customers understand how to implement them in the most cost-efficient way.

Join Gold Partner Edgile for this exclusive 30-minute webinar and get a quick overview of three valuable workshops we are delivering. You’ll learn how Edgile’s strategy-first approach leverages Microsoft’s cloud adoption accelerators to take you from concept to implementation.

  • Edgile Microsoft Security Workshop
    Showcases the latest security tools in your Microsoft subscription and helps you identify ongoing risks to your cloud environment so you can upgrade your security posture for the long term.
  • Edgile Microsoft Compliance Workshop
    Demonstrates how to leverage the automated discovery tools in Microsoft 365 to uncover unstructured data, mitigate risks, and manage data governance.
  • Edgile Microsoft Identity Workshop
    Explains why identity is a fundamental pillar of an end-to-end security strategy and shows how to provide the right access to the right people at the right time to lower data breach and compliance risks.

The big challenge many organizations face  is understanding how to optimize the implementation of Microsoft tools you already own so you can prioritize initiatives, minimize organization disruption, maintain business continuity, and optimize value across the enterprise.


Microsoft-funded FastTrack Benefits

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