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Delivering digital services to external users creates security risks—and opportunities

Modern enterprises have various access portals and apps with legacy branding requiring multiple login credentials and passwords. This creates disparate and confusing user experiences in addition to security risks. It’s not only frustrating for the customer, it prevents the organization from having visibility into the customer experience, and can lead to data isolation, development complexity and identity duplication.​

To succeed in today’s digital ecosystem, organizations must be able to deliver customized, seamless and secure identity experiences. But managing user accounts, password support, and step-up authentication is difficult and expensive.

Cloud customer identity and access management —one user, one credential, consistent branding

Edgile’s Microsoft External Identities Quick Start program leverages the power of Microsoft Entra External ID and Azure AD B2C to build an identity experience that works for any user, using any identity, on any device.

  • Azure AD B2C is highly customizable, can scale to millions of users, and includes features that help protect against threats to resources and data, including denial-of-service and password attacks.
  • Designers can modify every page displayed by Azure AD B2C so it feels native to your applications. Developers can create custom workflows on the back end using REST API calls to “just-in-time” migrate existing users or send mail through an external service.
  • Edgile’s cloud customer identity and access management service eliminates the responsibility of managing local passwords by using a “bring-your-own-identity” strategy. Your customers can authenticate and sign in using their existing social media ID, phone number, or credentials from any standards-based identity provider.

Edgile’s External Identities Management Quick Start Program

Modern enterprises understand that the customer experience has always driven successful business transactions. Nurturing customer relationships to build loyalty and promote growth is the foundation of Edgile’s holistic, scalable customer identity and access management solution.

Edgile experts will work with your security and client experience teams to design a security framework for an external identities management system in this six-week quick start program.

Security Framework

Analysis and Planning

  • Discover current state identity architecture
  • Explore desired future state
  • Understand implementation user base, app roles and authentication protocols

Sample B2C Application

  • Configure Entra ID B2C Directory
  • Register sample browser application
  • Demonstrate user experience with out-of-the-box Microsoft offerings

DevOps Production

  • Ready production tenant
  • Configure Azure DevOps to promote configuration as code into the production tenant

Future State Roadmap

  • Create future state external identity conceptual architecture
  • Plan for legacy IdP decommissioning
  • Discuss application integration patterns
  • 2-day Future State Planning Workshop:
    • External identities migration methodology
    • Patterns required to migrate key application to IAM platform

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