Life at Edgile

Life at Edgile

The Edgile Work Environment

A career at Edgile will expose you to a wide variety of experiences, where you’ll play an instrumental role in helping solve our clients’ complex challenges. We pride ourselves on creating a challenging, meaningful and rewarding work environment. Our 4.5 rating on Glassdoor (industry average is 3.3) is a testament to how we value and treat our employees.

Glassdoor Ratings

We’re looking for smart, driven professionals who have an entrepreneurial attitude, natural leadership abilities and a flair for problem solving. We operate as a meritocracy and offer competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package. If you have Big 4 experience, we are particularly interested in you, but we also welcome talented people with industry experience and recent college graduates who are highly-qualified.

Working at Edgile is challenging, rewarding and exciting. As part of Edgile’s team, you will travel to customer sites and work alongside their senior management to evaluate and develop business-aligned security strategies. You will be exposed to many different companies, each presenting a unique business challenge. Getting to know our leadership, our teams, and our clients will help you understand what it’s like working at Edgile.

Meet Our Leaders

Edgile is a professional services firm and everyone, from the consultants to the CEO, is focused on the delivery of high-quality services to our clients. Our leaders are in the trenches working directly with you, your team and our customers to ensure mutual success.

“I was surprised when the first project I was assigned to was Identity and Cloud Strategy working with the [Edgile] CEO. As part of my onboarding, I worked side-by-side with the CEO, who rolled up his sleeves and helped guide expectations and mentor me on the quality of deliverables. That never would have happened at my last company.”

Meet Our Team

The people who work at Edgile are highly motivated, intelligent individuals with deep industry experience and a strong work ethic. We hire the best and we work with the best. This brings with it a strong sense of comradery among the team, which is solidified through team dinners, company parties and regional events. This also brings with it a strong support structure that enables our employees’ success.

“There’s a strong team spirit here that’s fostered by our leadership. Each person has an integral role in the larger team effort and none of us are above any task or role. I may be the lead on one project, and then play a supporting role on another. We do what it takes to make our clients successful. Everyone I work with is at the top of their game and ready to pitch in and work together.”
– Arlene Mordeno, Managing Director

Meet Our Clients

Edgile works with leading Fortune 500 companies to help them solve some of their most challenging problems in the areas of trust, security and the cloud. Working with C-level executives within our client’s organizations brings with it very high expectations. They expect success and we deliver. We develop strategies that align with their business objectives and then execute the implementation of those strategies.